Mar 12th Netherlands node 5 reboot

14:02 GMT 12th March

Netherlands Node 5 suffered a significant DDOS attack, unfortunatley the VPS that was the target has become locked in an unkillable state due to massive load which is impacting everyone.

The node will need to be rebooted which is in progress now.

Feb 20th Network issues Enfield/London/UK [RESOLVED]

The issues are known the DC is investigating, this is affecting all UK services.

Feb 18th Phoenix OpenVZ Node 21

17:10 - 18th february 2017

The node is being rebooted due to load issues caused by the solusvm software, they still have not fully resolved this and it is the reason for the last few reboots, it has been reported.

Feb 15th Netherlands OpenVZ node 5 reboot

21:55 GMT+0 15th Feb 2017 - An issue has been identified on this node a number of containers have hung and become unkillable but they are generating significant load.This is a known issue that has been patched on other nodes but this one was unaffected so no updates were applied as it always requires a reboot, sadly it seems it was unavoidable ... Read More »

Jan 27th Phoenix OpenVZ Node issues

- 13:02 GMT +0 27/01/2017 -The issues in Phoenix are known, they are being caused by a solusvm related process that gathers ram info for the servers to display in solusvm.Sadly despite having reported and escalated it a number of times a permanent fix does not seem to be available, I have again escalated this within solusvm and hope for a long ... Read More »

Jan 24th UK Packet Loss

06:50am 24-01-2017 - The issue with packet loss impacting all UK servers is known and is being worked on

Jan 18th Phoenix Xen Node 8b reboot [Issues]

An email regarding security patching was sent out today, the reboot has been done however an fsck has been forced so it may take a while longer than expected to get things back up and running, sorry for the unexpected delays.Update# 18th January 23:32 GMT - what should have been a routine patch and reboot has turned in to a disaster, the fsck ... Read More »

Jan 8th Phoenix OpenVZ Node 21 - emergency maintenance

12:41 GMT, 8th january 2017This server is being shut down to perform some emergency maintenance, a problem with solusvm is causing ploop based containers to exceed their constraints and fill up the disk with junk data.I had hoped to be able to keep this under control but it is affecting people more and more, the server is being rebooted and ... Read More »

Jan 1st Phoenix OpenVZ Node 21

Due to instability issues caused by a bug in solusvm this server requires an immediate reboot which is being performed now 11:41pm UK time. Service will be restored within 20 minutes.

Dec 22nd Christmas Holiday Support Hours.

Standard monitoring and alerting will remain in place 24x7 as always but only for dealing with any larger scale issues affecting multiple users or whole VPS nodes, for individual VPS support please see the operating dates below.   Un-managed clients (no separate paid support option)   Standard support will be unavailable between 13:00 ... Read More »

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