Performance issues UK STOR2 [Slow Storage Products]

18th April 2019   The performance issues are known on UK STOR2 however tests have shown that either uploading from or writing files to the server from another source i.e. buffered writes and cached reads it has never fallen much below 100 MB/s i.e. the link speed so I am happy that the server is performing acceptable for its attached products ... Læs mere »

19th Apr 2019
OpenVZ Node 8 UK Stability issues [RESOLVED]

25th march 2019 - 10:47am (London/UK)   Due to a locked container this node is becoming unstable due to the mounting unkillable process numbers, a node reboot is required before this starts significantly impacting performance and stability.A reboot is going through now containers should be restored within 15 minutes.   25th march 2019 - ... Læs mere »

25th Mar 2019
[RESOLVED] UK NVMe KVM Node 9 issues

19:30 - 01st march 2019 - The issues on Kvm Node 9 are known, it seems the CPU frequency has locked down to 799MHz which is causing significant performance issues, investigation is ongoing and hopefully a full node reboot can be avoided.

1st Mar 2019
[RESOLVED ] UK KVM3 and Node12 down

The services labeled as KVM3 and Node12 are currently down - investigations are ongoing.Initial indications indicate a hardware failure so it may be a disisaster recovery scenario in which case all efforts will be made to restore services within 24 hours.Updates will follow as they become relevant.Update 20:27 - Data has been recovered which ... Læs mere »

22nd Jan 2019
[RESOLVED] NETHERLANDS - Network down - VZ Node 5

18:51 (GMT/London) 12th Jan 2019 - The issue is known and is being investigated.

18:57 (GMT/London) 12th Jan 2019 - On further investigation it is apparent that the server has hung, a hard reset is being performed now.

19:01 (GMT/London) 12th Jan 2019 - All containers are starting now service will be restored very soon.

12th Jan 2019
OpenVZ Node 8 UK Reboot

UK OpenVZ node 8 required a reboot due to a number of locked processes preventing containers from rebooting and general stability issues.

Services should be retored within 15 minutes.

27th Dec 2018
[RESOLVED] Phoenix Stor1 Storage node issues

There are some intermittant connectivity issues with stor1 Phoenix, this is being investigated.

23rd Dec 2018
[RESOLVED] JAPAN NAT service down

Please visit the lowendsirit support forum for further details, you must be logged in to view.

23rd Dec 2018
Christmas & New Year support hours 2018

Christmas and New Year Support hours for 2018 For self-managed services, i.e. if you do not pay a specific management add-on, support and billing support will be unavailable between the 21st December 2018 and 2nd January 2018 inclusive.For semi-managed or managed customers 24x7 365 support will be available via the managed support portal or via ... Læs mere »

14th Dec 2018
UK OpenVZ Migrations

Due to thespeed of the sales weekend a lot of UK VZ servers were provisioned on the wrong node creating a big imballance, this has started to significantly impact performance, there is no time to send out a bulk announcement and give everyone notice as it is already impacting customers. New hardware has been provisioned and some containers are ... Læs mere »

29th Nov 2018