[COMPLETE]UK Stability emergency maintenance 28th Oct 2am BST

Due to a number of stability issues with the new hardware in the UK some extensive logging was done and sent to the hardware vendor, the issue has been identified and a patch has been sent, this will be applied between 2am and 3am BST, the pysical servers need to be powered off for this to be applied and the work will take around 1 hour.All ... Read More »

27th Oct 2016
[Complete] UK KVM Node 2 reboot

15:04 25th October - A faulty ram module caused a hang/reboot around 9 hours ago, it is due to be replaced within 45 minutes, the reboot for doing this will be kept under 30 minutes.

25th Oct 2016
Netherlands attacks & service disruption

Today at around 20:45 a client with servers on multiple nodes was hit with a large scale attack which casued a lot of disruption, sadly Netherlands Node5 did not recover very well and a reboot is required to restore stability.Down time is not expected to exceed 30 minutes and the reboot will be performed at aroud 22:30, containers are being ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2016
[RESOLVED] UK Xen migrations - node reboot required & Disk IO issues continued

Unfortunately there have been a lot of issues with the migrations which has slowed progress considerably, the main issue right now is that the Xen HVM servers are running incredibly slow.   I believe a solution has been found however it requires a full node reboot, that is being done now 09:35 UK Time 18th October, total down time is expected ... Read More »

18th Oct 2016
Netherlands OpenVZ node 5 reboot [COMPLETE]

16:30 GMT+0 12th October

Due to a storage issue on Netherlands OpenVZ Node 5 an unplanned reboot is required, Virtual servers are expected to be available again within 20 minutes.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

16:47 GMT+0 12th October

Virtual Servers are booting now.


12th Oct 2016