Netherlands NAT service migration [UPDATES]

Update: 13:30 10th Feb 2021 - Due to conflicting priorities this work was started later than expected, the migration will be in progress by 14:00 Update: 16:00 10th Feb 2021 - The migration is progressing well however due to the massive volume of data moving between locations with overhead it is taking longer than I initially hoped, work will ... Continuare »

10 Feb 2021
Inception Hosting acquired by Clouvider Limited

  Inception Hosting acquired by Clouvider Limited After many months of friendly discussion and negotiation Inception Hosting has been bought by Clouvider Limited. Inception Hosting will continue to operate as a separate company. You will see no changes, the invoices, payments and your contract(s) remain with Inception Hosting Limited. The ... Continuare »

9 Feb 2021
Stor3/Node23 maintenance [complete]

14:20 - 8th Feb 2021 - As per the email sent to all impacted customers the maintenance started at 14:20 today, please check your emails for further details, the maintenance is expected to be complete by 15:00 Updates will follow.   15:00 - 8th Feb 2021 - Due to complications with customer servers preventing the automation from performing as ... Continuare »

8 Feb 2021