Netherlands VZ20 Reboot

8th July 2020 - 18:27 VZ20 - Netherlands has suffered a kernel panic which was not recoverable, the VZ service failed entirely and the node had to be rebooted, this was all caught within a few minutes so disruption should be minimal, containers are booting now.Sorry for the inconvenience, the dump will be audited to see if there was a specific ... Leia mais... »

8th Jul 2020
NAT UK VZ service issues [Resolved]

13:00 - The issues with the UK NAT VZ service are known and are being actively worked on, service will be restored as soon as possible.

15:00 - The issues have been resolved, if your container is showing offline it will boot fine when you click the reboot button.

10th Jun 2020
PayPal Payment Delays.

For the past 48 hours, some invoices/payments made via PayPal are remaining in an unpaid state, this is resulting in some services not being activated or some active services being suspended.PayPal has confirmed that this is an issue with their own IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system, they have manually pushed through many of the pending and ... Leia mais... »

20th May 2020
mininode9vz7 reboot (Phoenix NAT)

This host node requires an emergency reboot due to a memory leak issue in the current kernel which is making things very unstable. Service should be restored by 14:30 15th May 2020 (UK/London) Service has been restored, if you were migrated from OpenVZ 6 late last year it is possible your container did not autostart however you should have no ... Leia mais... »

15th May 2020
UK NAT Service Reboot - Issues continued

7th May 14:20 (UK/London) The UK NAT (mininode2) is being rebooted, following a large scale attack the node became unstable, work will continue this evening if the reboot does not restore full functionality Update: 19:18 - 7th May 14:20 (UK/London) - there has been significant corruption to the disk images, repairs are in progress. Update: ... Leia mais... »

7th May 2020
UK (London) Service Balancing

04th May 2020 - 11:00amWith the Covid-19 pandemic the stress on resources has increased significantly, the network throughput and disk demands have literally gone up by 5 times in some cases, this has highlighted a number of issues one of which is balancing, as you will appreciate it is impossible to know which customers will make which demands on ... Leia mais... »

4th May 2020
IPv6 UK/London Outage [Resolved]

09:45AM UK/London - 28th April 2020The issue with IPv6 in London is known, it is being worked on and I hope to have it back up and running by the end of the day, the issue was caused by the switch being overwhelmed when over a billion IPv6 addresses were used maliciously to scrape google.It was not an Inception Hosting customer that caused this ... Leia mais... »

28th Apr 2020
USA VZ23 (OpenVZ 7) - Node Issues [RESOLVED]

09:30am  - 22nd March (UK/London time) The issues on VZ23 (USA - Phoenix - OpenVZ 7) are known. A container has gone in to an unkillable loop generating a huge amount of disk iops, this is causing significant load for other containers/vps on the server. Attempts are being made to remedy this now without having to do a full reboot, if it is not ... Leia mais... »

22nd Mar 2020
VZ27 Reboot

08:10am 19th Feb 2020 (UK/London) UK OpenVZ Node 27 (VZ27) requires a reboot, a complex DDOS attack hit the server last night pushing the server load up to almost 900 before mitigation measures were put in place. Sadly the performance has not returned to normal leaving the only real option to be a reboot. Sorry for the inconvenience service ... Leia mais... »

19th Feb 2020
UK KVM9 Issues [29th January 2020]

23:05pmAn uninterruptible process related to the LVM metadata has got stuck in a loop on the server which has bee silently eating up available ram and CPU time on the node, the issue causing it to loop has been resolved however it may take several hours for this to self right.It will be assessed again in the morning, improvements can already be ... Leia mais... »

29th Jan 2020