Placeholder following the email sent to all impacted customers already: UK KVM Node 2 Maintenance Window 4th April 11am UK Time


Updates will follow as this is progressed.

11:15am - all guests shut down, the physical server has been powered down and the hardware replacements should be complete by 11:30, the cache will then be verified and rebuilt, it is expected that the virtual servers will start powering up by 12:00.

11:55am - All hardware replacement work done, the cache does not seem to have started rebuild though so the server is being rebooted again to check the LSI web bios, this may push the maintenance time over a little but VM's are expected to strart booting by 12:15pm, sorry for the inconvenience.

12:07pm - All services are being strated now, sorry for the delay the cache rebuild issue caught us off guard.

12:43pm - as the cache releans performance will not be perfect, additionally a large volume of virtual servers have been up so long that they are running forced FSCK's sadly there is nothing anyone can do about that so it may take a little while for performance to return to normal.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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