11:53 - 11th June 2019 - Some more significant hardware issues have been found while replacing the CPU cooler, a full check is being done, before putting the services back in to production, this could take up to 16:00

Updates will follow as more information is known.

12:40 - 11th June 2019 - It is apparent there is substantial filesystem damage due to the recent updates and the best way forward is to reinstall the OS on the server, customer data is in tact and all efforts will be made to get everything back up by 16:00 UK/London time.

14:52 - 11th June 2019 - The backup of the main server data is taking longer than expected, it may be 16:30 now when things are back up and running.

16:07 - 11th June 2019 - The install process has started, once this is complete it will take around a further 15 - 30 minutes to complete the control panel restor to start the virtual servers, current ETA now 18:00

17:47 - 11th June 2019 - The server has been completely reinstalled - the CPU cooler replaced, the disks with faults swapped, the SSD cache replaced with new disks and all user data has been recovered. servers are now starting, if your server is down you may find that it is because you left an ISO mounted that is no longer valid, if your server is down, please unmount any ISO's via the CD-Rom tab in solusvm and then click reboot.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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