Below is the email sent to all impacted users, updates and progress when work begins will be below the email:

Good Afternoon,

Recently new configuration of storage nodes was deployed after learning lessons from the older hardware configurations and limitations. The difference in performance between the old and new configs is quite literally night and day.

As a result of this, the decision has been made to drop the old config all together and move everyone on to the new. The task is obviously not a simple one due to the massive size of some of the disk images that need to be moved, regular migration methods will simply result in too much overhead and take a huge amount of time to complete.

The migration method will instead be manual and disk images will first be compressed so only the actual data will be transferred not all the empty space. In tests on a 500GB disk image with 50GB used this has resulted in a sub-30-minute migration process from start to finish rather than a 4-hour migration process using the regular automated migration methods.

The work to do this is going to begin at 12:00 tomorrow (UK/London time) and servers will be selected at random to migrate. Because of the length of time to complete due to the variation of data volume sizes between virtual servers it is not possible to give a specific migration window. An announcement will be put up on the client area thought to track progress and keep you informed of any issues. 

Your VPS will be unavailable during the migration process. The disk images on the old server will remain on the old server for a minimum of 24 hours after the entire migration has completed in case of issues, another email will be sent out confirming the work is complete.

It is hoped that all migrations will be completed by Friday 18:00 (UK/London time) at the absolute latest but updates will be posted on the announcements page as the work is done for more accurate estimates as the work progresses.

This is an upgrade which should make your service significantly more functional.

If you are happy for work to begin immediately on this to jump to the front of the queue please open a ticket confirming this here: you will be agreeing to have work start at any time from the moment you open the ticket and you will get an update only once it is complete. Volunteering will actually help the process along for everyone so if you can allow work to start early please do put your server forward for this.

I appreciate maintenance with some downtime is never welcome but this will be a significant improvement.

Link to announcements page:



Anthony Smith.


Update #1 - 12:08 26th Aug 2020


Work has started.


Update #2 - 09:35 27th Aug 2020


The work is going well and so far on target. Upon booting some of the servers on the new server it seems a lot of services are using disk encryption which requires a password to boot, these servers have been left shutdown.


Update #3 - 11:05 28th Aug 2020

All migration work is complete.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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