USA VPS Control Panel issues [Resolved]

The issues are known, things may take a while to respond or actions may say they are done when nothing has changed e.g. reinstalls reboots, VNC is also impacted.

This is an intermittent network issue outside of our network boundary, communication has been sent to the responsible party and hopefully, this will be resolved within 24 hours.

28th Aug 2020
Phoenix Storage server migrations [Complete]

Below is the email sent to all impacted users, updates and progress when work begins will be below the email:Good Afternoon, Recently new configuration of storage nodes was deployed after learning lessons from the older hardware configurations and limitations. The difference in performance between the old and new configs is quite literally night ... Read More »

25th Aug 2020
VZ27 UK issues 5th Aug 2020

Issues impacting the VZ27 UK server should be resolved within 45 minutes, the service is restarting now.

It is possible you may need to manually boot your server if it does not come back up on its own by 10:00 (UK/London)

Sorry for the trouble this was a silent failure so it was not picked up until the morning checks.

5th Aug 2020
Intermittent network issues Phoenix

The network issues in Phoenix are known, the local DC network team are investigating.

4th Aug 2020