Network Issues

If you wish to report network issues please provide the following information in your support ticket, failure to do so will result in you being pointed to this knowledgebase article if the network issue seems to be specific to your VPS i.e. we are unaware of any global issues.


Please copy and paste the following questions with your answers in to the support ticket.


Q. Have you tested the connectivity from multiple locations with a service such as ?



Q. Is your issue with IPv4 or IPv6 or both?



Q. Please give an example of a source IP that you are having issues with (e.g. your home IP or another server IP)?



Q. Have you checked your network configuration on your VPS if any access is possible?



Q. If you cannot access your VPS at all have you tried to resolve the issue via the serial console in SolusVM?



Q. How long has the issue been present?



Q. Have you ran an mtr report with at least 200 requests (mtr –c 200 VPS.IP.ADDR.ESS –report) if not please do so and past the results below, if partial connectivity is available an MTR from both the VPS to the IP you are connecting from and visa vera is required, your ticket will not be looked at without this.

A. (paste results here)


Q. You confirm and understand that if this issue is caused by user error or an external network and you are on a self managed service i.e. you do not pay any extra for support that you will be billed for €10 for doing the initial investigation and information gathering for you?


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