USA VZ23 (OpenVZ 7) - Node Issues [RESOLVED]

09:30am  - 22nd March (UK/London time) The issues on VZ23 (USA - Phoenix - OpenVZ 7) are known. A container has gone in to an unkillable loop generating a huge amount of disk iops, this is causing significant load for other containers/vps on the server. Attempts are being made to remedy this now without having to do a full reboot, if it is not ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2020
VZ27 Reboot

08:10am 19th Feb 2020 (UK/London) UK OpenVZ Node 27 (VZ27) requires a reboot, a complex DDOS attack hit the server last night pushing the server load up to almost 900 before mitigation measures were put in place. Sadly the performance has not returned to normal leaving the only real option to be a reboot. Sorry for the inconvenience service ... Read More »

19th Feb 2020
UK KVM9 Issues [29th January 2020]

23:05pmAn uninterruptible process related to the LVM metadata has got stuck in a loop on the server which has bee silently eating up available ram and CPU time on the node, the issue causing it to loop has been resolved however it may take several hours for this to self right.It will be assessed again in the morning, improvements can already be ... Read More »

29th Jan 2020
UK XEN Service - END OF LIFE - February 28th 2020

Email sent to all impacted users below: ONLY XEN IS IMPACTED. Good Afternoon, As of the 28th February 2020 Inception Hosting Limited will no longer be providing or maintaining any UK XEN Based virtual servers, it has been somewhere in the region of 3 years since a single Xen based package has been sold as most people have migrated to KVM. It ... Read More »

27th Jan 2020
VZ7 Node 23 USA - Reboot

Due to some issues caused by a container on the host node the server is being rebooted to restore service to normal.


Disruption expected to be over within 60 minutes, process started at 16:00 01st dec (UK/London time)

1st Dec 2019

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29th Nov 2019
NL NAT OpenVZ service reboot

16th Nov 2019 - 22:15 (UK-London)

The Netherlands NAT OpenVZ service requires a restart to resolve performance related issues.

The reboot is being performed within the next 15 minutes and services should be restored within the hour.

16th Nov 2019
UK & Netherlands OpenVZ6 to Virtuozzo7 Migrations

30th October 2019 @ 18:30PM (UK/London)Apologies for the continued disruption, as many will have notices a whole host of issues are coming up when trying to manage these migrations in the current manner. The UK and Netherlands have significantly more containers than any other location and it seems the methods used in the other locations have not ... Read More »

30th Oct 2019
UK VZ24 Issues - Migration related - [COMPLETE]

Due to a process getting stuck during migration there is no option but to reboot the node.

This should be complete within an hour.

Work starting 14:45pm (UK/London) 30/10/2019

Update: The issues were mor significant than initially thought, hopefully work will complete by 16:30 (UK/London)

30th Oct 2019
Netherlands VZ7 Node 20 (VZ20) Reboot - COMPLETE

Good Morning,As part of the ongoing migration work an issue has been found on the Netherlands node VZ20 which requires a reboot in order to resolve, as this issue can impact multiple containers and lead to possible data loss under the right conditions it is being done without delay, Services should be restored within 60 minutes maximum.Work ... Read More »

30th Oct 2019