Monday may 27th - 12:00 The issues with the shared hosting are know, work in in progress to recover it.

Monday may 27th - 15:45 There are some issues within the WHM/cpanel system preventing some account restores as such this has been escalated and is awaiting the attention of seniour WHM support staff, if there is no way forward found by the end of the day the server will be reinstalled fresh and accounts will all be restored from backup.

Monday may 27th - 18:00 Everything has been restored, if you have any issues with your site please open a ticket to get a restore done.

Monday may 27th - 22:00 Further issues have been found and the filesystem is still seeming to have some issues, the server has been taken down for a full fsck to try and clear out any remaining issues before tehey get worse, service should be restored within 30 minutes.

Monday, May 27, 2019

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