UK/London Network issues

We are aware of some network issues causing connectivity problems from some locations in London, this is under active investigation.

8th Jul 2021
Mininode1VZ7 - Netherlands - Node reboot [COMPLETE]

10:50 8th Jun 2021 - Due to a kernel issue preventing containers from starting this node requires a reboot, this will be done immediately following this announcement.

11:05 8th June 2021 - Work complete containers are now starting as expected, any issue please raise a ticket for assistance.

8th Jun 2021
Mininode2vz7 - HAProxy & general issues [RESOLVED]

The issues with haproxy (reverse proxy domains) on Mininode2vz7 are known, service should resume within the next 48 - 72 hours.   Update: 09:45 - 5th June 2021 The issues with HAproxy have been tied to a number of containers, updates have been made to prevent further issues, in doing so however the container service was forced to restart, it ... Read More »

5th Jun 2021
UK VZ27 - issues [RESOLVED]

16:45 - 4th June 2021 - We are aware of the issues on VZ27 UK, they are being actively worked on now. 17:59 - 4th June 2021 - The issue is resolved, it is however possible you may need to manually boot your container if it halted unexpectedly we cannot do this manually as it is not possible to tell which user servers were intentionally offline.  Read More »

4th Jun 2021
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