KVM15lon - Disk input/output errors - emergency maintenance.

Good Afternoon, We have picked up a lot of input/output errors on one of the disks in the array on KVM15lon, we have dropped the disk and are running without redundancy.As these disks are not hot-swappable, we are immediately migrating customers off this server.We do not expect more than 15 minutes of disruption per virtual server.Your ... Read More »

29th Jan 2024
usadmin.inceptionhosting.com - maintenance [COMPLETE]

The VPS management portal usadmin.inceptionhosting.com will be down for a short period.

This is expected; there will be no impact on actual services.

18th Jan 2024
Phoenix Stability issues (Legacy services only - Storage servers and OpenVZ)

We have been aware of some stability issues with Phoenix's OpenVZ and KVM Storage servers.This only impacts legacy services on hardware within ioflood.We are investigating.Initially, it seems that some customers may be under DDOS attack. We have no dedicated DDOS mitigation platform on this network, which means that a single large attack on 1 or 2 ... Read More »

12th Jan 2024