30th October 2019 @ 18:30PM (UK/London)

Apologies for the continued disruption, as many will have notices a whole host of issues are coming up when trying to manage these migrations in the current manner.

The UK and Netherlands have significantly more containers than any other location and it seems the methods used in the other locations have not scaled well.

At this stage it will be less disruptive to simply continue knowing that there will be reboots and poor service quality until it is complete then deal with any individual residual issues afterwards.

An email will be sent to all impacted users after the migration is complete with further details, what to expect next and how to resolve some of the more common issues.

Again, apologies for the disruption, sadly this is a none optional process for security reasons as such this was not avoidable. 

If your VPS shows up in the control panel but you have no networking you should be able to access your server via the control panel serial console and bring up your network interface manually.

UPDATE: if you are having issues with iptables/ufw/firewalld as per the notice of conversion/migration email please run: touch /option.netfilter

Your VPS will reboot within 30 minutes and the file will change to /netfilter.enabled and any issues you were having are likely to be fully resolved.

                  The migrations are now complete.                 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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