Email sent to all users at 11:30am 15th March.


After troubleshooting some issues this morning it has become obvious as part of this that the node is running with a sub-optimal disk configuration, the fix is simple but it requires a reboot.

As this is directly impacting multiple customers this reboot is being done under emergency maintenance at 12:45 pm today (UK/London time)

Sorry for the inconvenience, the reboot is not expected to take much more than 30 minutes in total, this is the first reboot of this new hardware since it went live with customers services running so it is a best guess only, it may be significantly less time, if it is likely to be any more time then updates will be available at

This only impacts those on node VZ31ams. VZ32ams is not impacted.

Thank you for your understanding.



Update: 12:53 -15th March: All services restored, downtime was 7 minutes in total.

Monday, March 15, 2021

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