As per the emails sent out on, a copy of which is below the below IP address subnets have been dropped, and your new IP is available in the VPS control panel at

Emails were sent on the following dates to all impacted customers:

15/12/2023 18:25

10/01/2024 18:25

20/01/2024 17:35


If for some reason you have missed the emails and have only found out as your VPS went offline, please login to the VPS control panel and click on the re-configure networking button or use the VNC html5 console to login and manually reconfigure.

If you are on a KVM VPS and your server does not boot after the change then please set a VNC password with a length of 8 characters a-z A-Z 0-9 and click reboot then reconfigure networking again, the details of this issue have also been sent out by email a few times but if you missed the emails about the IP change you probably missed this too.

At this stage, it is impossible for us to restore the old IP for any reason.

Original Email:

Good Afternoon,


I hope you are well.


As part of ongoing maintenance and improvements, we must change IP addresses on VPS servers that are currently using the following IP address ranges: - - -


If you have a VPS using these IP addresses it will be necessary for you to change IP addresses.


We understand this is inconvenient however to make things as easy as possible we have now or will soon be assigning the IP addresses you need to change to, you will see the new IP addresses available under the network tab for your servers in the VPS control panel at


We are giving everyone until the 15th of February to get switched over, until then you can use both IP addresses.


If you have not been assigned a new IP address within 3 days of this email please open a ticket so we can check this for you, it is quite a manual process, and while all efforts have been made some human error is possible in processes like this.


If you are not confident with reconfiguring your network manually you can log in to the VPS control panel, go to the network tab towards the bottom, click 'Set as Main IP Address' next to the new IP address then click the 'Reconfigure Networking' button. This will do the leg work for you however this will only work if you have not encrypted your disk and you have installed via one of our ready-made templates, results for those who have used an ISO to install will vary.


Any questions or concerns please open a ticket, please keep in mind however that keeping your old IP is not an option if you are in those IP ranges, that is not something we can be flexible with on this occasion.


Thank you for your understanding.



Inception Hosting Limited.

Friday, February 16, 2024

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