UK DDOS - network issues [RESOLVED]

12:20 - 11th Jan (UK) - the network issues at Clouvider Telehouse North and parts of Enfield are known, there is a significant and sustained DDOS attack impacting the network, work is in progress to mitigate it.13:20 - 11th Jan (UK) - the network issues now seem to be isolated to Telehouse North, I have reached out to Clouvider for further ... Read More »

11th Jan 2018
Patching Work Updates 10th jan 2018

Update 10th JAN 15:37 - The initial planned method for the patching was to save the sates of everyone's virtual server and restore it as if they had never been rebooted however this is taking significantly longer than expected the last few UK nodes that this method was applied to are being restored now and all further patching will be done with ... Read More »

10th Jan 2018