[RESOLVED ] UK KVM3 and Node12 down

The services labeled as KVM3 and Node12 are currently down - investigations are ongoing.Initial indications indicate a hardware failure so it may be a disisaster recovery scenario in which case all efforts will be made to restore services within 24 hours.Updates will follow as they become relevant.Update 20:27 - Data has been recovered which ... Read More »

22nd Jan 2019
[RESOLVED] NETHERLANDS - Network down - VZ Node 5

18:51 (GMT/London) 12th Jan 2019 - The issue is known and is being investigated.

18:57 (GMT/London) 12th Jan 2019 - On further investigation it is apparent that the server has hung, a hard reset is being performed now.

19:01 (GMT/London) 12th Jan 2019 - All containers are starting now service will be restored very soon.

12th Jan 2019