Update 21:50 GMT +0 17th November

Work went to plan, all services are starting.

There are some issues with the management on the NAT OpenVZ services, this is being investigated but is not critical service-impacting.



As per the email sent to impacted end users (pasted below) any updates will be posted here as required.



Good Morning,

This email is a reminder of the maintenance due to start at 3pm (UK/London time) on the 17th November 2022, the original email has been pasted below for your convenience:



I hope you are well.

IOflood has informed us that due to circumstances beyond their control, they need to physically move our hardware with limited notice.

We appreciate this is highly inconvenient however, there is nothing we can do to prevent this that would not lead to significantly more short and medium-term disruption.

The maintenance window is from 3 PM on the 17th to 3 PM on the 18th of November 2022, a full 24 hours.

This impacts all of the following services in Phoenix.

KVM Storage servers.
SSD Cached KVM.
OpenVZ Services.
NAT OpenVZ Services.

If you are getting this email, you can assume you have a service that is impacted, if you need help identifying that service, please let us know.

For simplicity, if you have an IPv4 in the following range, then the service will be impacted.

Please do not rely on the IP entirely there are some legacy services that may be part of smaller subnets.
While we do not expect there to be 24 full hours of downtime, best estimates suggest that at some stage in that window, there will be approximately a 3 to 6 hour outage during that 24 hours, based on the provided schedule that is expected to be around 7pm but due to the nature of the work that could change.

Services that have been running without a reboot for more than 180 days may run an fsck check upon reboot this will probably cause degraded performance for an extended period, we recommend that you entirely shut down your service as soon as possible and then boot it back up again to reduce the impact when everything comes back on at the same time.

The steps above are specifically important for the storage servers, this will also assist us with ruling out any false positive issues caused by the move, if you have not rebooted your server from the control panel between now and the move we will consider any support requests lower priority than from those who have taken these steps.

This does not impact the services in Phoenix on the clouvider network, our home network, at all, the impacted services are the last of the Inception Hosting services still on a 3rd party network following the acquisition of Inception Hosting by Clouvider Ltd.

Please accept our apologies for the significant inconvenience this will cause it is beyond our control, we will do our best, as always, to make this as painless as possible, and we will accelerate our plans to move these services into our own network as a result of this.

Finally, as always please remember, your data is your responsibility, we do not backup customer data, while we do not anticipate any data loss from the move you should always be prepared for the worst.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions, please open a ticket, direct replies to this email will not be seen.


Anthony Smith.
Inception Hosting Limited.

Donderdag, November 17, 2022

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