Network issues Enfield/London/UK [RESOLVED]

The issues are known the DC is investigating, this is affecting all UK services.

20th Feb 2017
Phoenix OpenVZ Node 21

17:10 - 18th february 2017

The node is being rebooted due to load issues caused by the solusvm software, they still have not fully resolved this and it is the reason for the last few reboots, it has been reported.

18th Feb 2017
Netherlands OpenVZ node 5 reboot

21:55 GMT+0 15th Feb 2017 - An issue has been identified on this node a number of containers have hung and become unkillable but they are generating significant load.This is a known issue that has been patched on other nodes but this one was unaffected so no updates were applied as it always requires a reboot, sadly it seems it was unavoidable ... بیشتر »

15th Feb 2017