Mininode1VZ7 - Netherlands - Node reboot [COMPLETE]

25th March 09:25 - NAT containers on Mininode1vz7 will be offline briefly while a node reboot is performed for critical updates.

25th Mar 2021
Mininode2VZ7 issues [RESOLVED]

19th March 2021 @ 14:40 - The issues with connectivity to Mininode2VZ7 are known and are being actively worked on. Due to some corrections in disk allocations caused by a provisioning bug that generated 50TB sparse disks with accompanying inode tables the load on the server is incredibly high, I am confident that things will return to normal when ... Read More »

19th Mar 2021
VZ31ams Reboot - Emergency Maintenance [COMPLETE]

Email sent to all users at 11:30am 15th March.   After troubleshooting some issues this morning it has become obvious as part of this that the node is running with a sub-optimal disk configuration, the fix is simple but it requires a reboot. As this is directly impacting multiple customers this reboot is being done under emergency ... Read More »

15th Mar 2021