VZ23 Phoenix - reboot. [Complete]

16th Nov 2021 @ 14:12 - The server has hung and is not responsive, the reboot is required to restore the service.

Updates will follow.


16th Nov 2021 @ 14:26 - the server has been restored along with all services.

16th Nov 2021
UK - VZ27 - Node reboot

29th September 2021 - 13:27 (UK/London)Due to a kernel-related issue causing a memory leak customers are unable to interact with virtual servers, as such the server is being rebooted under emergency maintenance. Please stand by for updates   29th September 2021 - 14:05 (UK/London)   All services have been restored, if you have any further ... Read More »

29th Sept 2021
VZ27 Network issues (London) (resolved)

21st Aug 2021 - 12:45 (UK/London Time): We are aware of the issues impacting VZ27 London, they are being worked on now and we hope to have all services restored as soon as possible. 21st Aug 2021 - 12:49 (UK/London Time): All issues resolved and containers started, due to the shutdown required of the container service it is not possible for us to ... Read More »

21st Aug 2021
UK/London Network issues

We are aware of some network issues causing connectivity problems from some locations in London, this is under active investigation.

8th Jul 2021
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