Mininode1VZ7 - Netherlands - Node reboot [COMPLETE]

25th March 09:25 - NAT containers on Mininode1vz7 will be offline briefly while a node reboot is performed for critical updates.

25 מרץ 2021
Mininode2VZ7 issues [RESOLVED]

19th March 2021 @ 14:40 - The issues with connectivity to Mininode2VZ7 are known and are being actively worked on. Due to some corrections in disk allocations caused by a provisioning bug that generated 50TB sparse disks with accompanying inode tables the load on the server is incredibly high, I am confident that things will return to normal when ... לקריאה נוספת »

19 מרץ 2021
VZ31ams Reboot - Emergency Maintenance [COMPLETE]

Email sent to all users at 11:30am 15th March.   After troubleshooting some issues this morning it has become obvious as part of this that the node is running with a sub-optimal disk configuration, the fix is simple but it requires a reboot. As this is directly impacting multiple customers this reboot is being done under emergency ... לקריאה נוספת »

15 מרץ 2021
Netherlands NAT service migration [UPDATES]

Update: 13:30 10th Feb 2021 - Due to conflicting priorities this work was started later than expected, the migration will be in progress by 14:00 Update: 16:00 10th Feb 2021 - The migration is progressing well however due to the massive volume of data moving between locations with overhead it is taking longer than I initially hoped, work will ... לקריאה נוספת »

10 פברואר 2021
Inception Hosting acquired by Clouvider Limited

  Inception Hosting acquired by Clouvider Limited After many months of friendly discussion and negotiation Inception Hosting has been bought by Clouvider Limited. Inception Hosting will continue to operate as a separate company. You will see no changes, the invoices, payments and your contract(s) remain with Inception Hosting Limited. The ... לקריאה נוספת »

9 פברואר 2021
Stor3/Node23 maintenance [complete]

14:20 - 8th Feb 2021 - As per the email sent to all impacted customers the maintenance started at 14:20 today, please check your emails for further details, the maintenance is expected to be complete by 15:00 Updates will follow.   15:00 - 8th Feb 2021 - Due to complications with customer servers preventing the automation from performing as ... לקריאה נוספת »

8 פברואר 2021
KVM6 & VZ25-SSD Hardware issues - Stability.

13:30 - 22nd Jan 2021 All impacted users have been emailed regarding the emergency maintenance of KVM6 and VZ25-SSD (Both nodes run on the same physical hardware/blade) upon further investigation, it looks like the issue locking the CPU threads to 800MHz may be due to not enough power being drawn from the PSU, there are some PSU failure notices ... לקריאה נוספת »

22 ינואר 2021
UK VZ25SSD service disruption

22:00 - 20th Jan 2021 - Due to a container that is locked and spawning hundreds of processes the service is degraded, work is being done now to resolve this, you may need to reboot and/or click the reconfigure networking button in solusvm to regain access to your VPS.

20 ינואר 2021
VZ27 UK - degraded service [RESOLVED]

11:30 - 17th Jan 2021 - The issues impacting VZ27 UK are known and are being actively worked on   12:40 - 17th Jan 2021 - All containers are being stopped and the node rebooted, it is likely full service will be restored within 1 hour of the reboot, some containers are locked and are having to be manually shut down.   13:10 - 17th January ... לקריאה נוספת »

17 ינואר 2021
KVM10 - Backup system stopped

email sent to all impacted users: As you may have observed between midnight and 3am UK/London time the service on KVM10(node10) is becoming seriously degraded, it is being caused by the disaster recovery backup system. Due to the obvious impact this is having for a fairly long time every night it has been stopped, while these were only ever ... לקריאה נוספת »

13 דצמבר 2020